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Late winter in Riga

Mon 2011/01/17 13:44 EET
 in Europe
 by Reyyy
Late winter in Riga
These kind of piles are all over the city. Only this year round they came really fast. And the weather in general has been strange. It's raining in the middle of January with temperature being 3°C. Though a feeling that spring is already coming, and then right after the corner there is summer, which I anticipate like never before.
Late winter in Riga
This morning started with a thick fog, which has now lessened now. HQ of the largest bank here. Swedbank.
Late winter in Riga
Lately have been busy doing some web and university unrelated stuff. So far so good. Though downturn is that I had to postpone launch of websites again. This time round after I'm free of university for 3 weeks as of now, I'll have enough time to continue doing things I've been doing and working on the web as well.
Late winter in Riga
The streets literary are mix of ice and water, without any solid ground. Slipped already ~10 times, luckily didn't fall.
Late winter in Riga
Late winter in Riga
Saw this right under the bridge, like a small lake with ice pieces in it. The rest of the river is still frozen though.
Reyyy in Under the Blue Sky (Registered on 2010/03/30)
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